Mini Quests

There are several mini-quests in Goldragon with varying gameplay and difficulties.

Free Dragon

Our very own twist on the popular Puzzle shooter game. Race against time and free  as many trapped dragons in the bubbles to get the highest scores! A fun, cute and easy game for casual gamers.

Warrior Defender

Protect the Kingdom from the incoming invaders! Our tower defense game with an exciting and unique levelling system that will have you hooked for hours!

Diamond Drop

You are in a Diamond Mine collecting Diamonds for the Kingdom! Match 3 or more diamonds to score against the time! A medium-difficulty game that will test your wits and quick-thinking.

Diamond Combo

Crack your minds and race against the time in this popular puzzle block game.

Flying Dragon

Fly the dragon to each city in this seemingly easy game but requires skill and patience to master.

The mini-games allow the players to:

Earn Food Items to increase their weekly returns

Aim for top spots on the Leaderboard to earn a percentage of the Total Pool.

Food Item

Different scores in the different mini-games will reward the players with different food items. For each Citizen NFT, food items can be used to feed the Dragon to increase the weekly payout.


The best players in each mini-quests will be featured on the Leaderboard and have a chance to win big rewards weekly.

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