Goldragon is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind and completely unique Play-to-earn game that is fully transparent and community based.

Players can become either a King or a Citizen and receive weekly yield of up to 12.5% for playing Goldragon.

The Yield payout source and transactions are completely transparent and available for all to see and verify.

As our community grows and our popularity rises, so will we take over the Play-to-earn genre. Join us today.

As a Citizen player, you will receive a maximum of 12.5% yield weekly, based on your deposit size, capped at 150%.

For example, if you deposit $1,000, you will receive a maximum of $125 every week until you’ve received $1500. However by earning food NFT’s, you will achieve $1500 in 12 weeks.

*Yield are awarded to you in Diamonds. 1 Diamond = 1 USD.

By playing our Mini-Quests, you have to opportunity to earn Food NFTs that can increase your weekly yield up to 12.5%. The higher you score, the better the Food NFTs you will receive!

Different citizen NFTs will have different traits.

The traits include:

  • What type of Mini-Quests you can play to earn Food NFTs
  • How many chances (lives) you have per week to play Mini-Quests (resets weekly)
  • How much additional score will be added automatically to your Quests plays

For example, if you have an NFT that:

  • Allows you to play all Mini-Quests
  • 5 lives per week
  • +10% score

Hence, you have 5 opportunities to play any Mini-Quests per week to earn Food NFTs and get on the Leaderboard. Furthermore, after every play, an additional 10% will be added to your final score.

The bigger your deposit, the higher chance of getting a more valuable Citizen NFT.

After you have received 150% of your deposit, you may reuse the Citizen NFT by selecting your existing Citizen NFT and making a new deposit. Alternatively you can make a new deposit and a new Citizen NFT will be generated with you with different traits.

For referring your friends to join Goldragon, you are eligible to collect additional rewards based on their weekly yield. You may collect additional rewards up to four levels of your referred friends:

Referral Four levels Commission Level

1st level = 5% of weekly yield
2nd level = 3% of weekly yield
3rd level =  3% of weekly yield
4th level = 2% of weekly yield

*Commission is paid in Diamonds. 1 Diamond = 1 USD.

Every week, 1% of the hoard size will be allocated to the best players in each game (0.2% per game).

By being the best player of the week in each mini-quest, you will receive:

  1. 1st place = 0.4%
  2. 2nd Place = 0.25%
  3. 3rd Place = 0.2%
  4. 4th Place = 0.1%
  5. 5th Place = 0.05%

*Reward will be awarded in Diamonds. 1 Diamond = 1 USD.

The minimum deposit amount is USD100.
The maximum deposit amount is 10% of the Hoard size at the time of deposit.

The available deposit methods are:

  • TRC20 USDT
  • ERC20 USDT
  • USDC

Diamonds are the main currency of Goldragon. Diamonds are pegged at 1 USD.

Diamonds are paid out for:

  • Citizen weekly yield
  • Citizen referral commission
  • King weekly yield

To prioritise the wellbeing of the Citizens and the King, Goldragon only collects 5% of all deposits into the Hoard.

In the event that the Hoard size has been reduced to an amount where yields cannot be paid out, Game tokens will be awarded to Citizens in an equivalent value based on their short in deposit amount.

Game tokens can be used to play Quests in the next Hoard without the need of a Citizen NFT.

Players can aim for the top spots of the Weekly Leaderboard and receive Diamonds for their achievements.

Only one King NFT will be awarded for each Hoard.

Before a Hoard starts, Goldragon will inform qualified parties to enter the bidding. The highest bidder will receive the rights to be the King of the new Hoard and a King NFT will be awarded to the winner.

The King will receive weekly yield of 6% of his winning Bid.

Additionally, he will receive 5% of all player (citizen) deposits, paid out weekly.

Together We Are Strongest

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