King NFT

The KING NFT is the most powerful and coveted NFT in the dragon village. Only one KING NFT can be applied in each game, and it is the owner of this NFT who rules the village.

Interested collectors and players eagerly await the scheduled launch date, where they will have the opportunity to bid for the KING NFT. The bidding process is highly competitive, as everyone wants to have the chance to rule over the prosperous and harmonious dragon village.

The bidding war is fierce, with the collectors from all over the world vying for the chance to become the ruler of the dragon village. But only one bidder will emerge victorious, becoming the new owner of the KING NFT and the ruler of the dragon village.

As the new ruler of the dragon village, the KING NFT owner will have the power to make decisions that will impact the village and its inhabitants. They will need to be wise and fair in their rule, taking care to protect the village and its bond with the dragon.

Up to 6%

Weekly high diamond yields


From all citizen enter your hoard


Fully transparent & secure


Payouts for withdrawals

Together We Are Strongest

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